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  • Jim Herne

Return to Kinshasa - Part 1

A return to Kinshasa – after more than 45 years…

Jim Herne – PCV Congo/Zaïre ’71-‘73

Photo slide show of Jim's visit

In July of 2017 I spent two weeks in Kinshasa as a volunteer with the ACDI/VOCA Farmer-to-Farmer program to provide some technical assistance to a rice farmer cooperative they are working with. This visit took place a little more than 46 years since my first arrival in Kinshasa, which was in June 1971, as a Peace Corps Volunteer. I was a volunteer in the Democratic Republic of the Congo/Zaïre between 1971 and 1973 and during the early 1980s I made a few short visits to Kinshasa while working with an NGO that was implementing projects in Zaïre at the time. While my recollections of the airport and life in Kinshasa during the early 1970s are pretty hazy after so many years I would like to share some of my impressions and observations from this visit relative to my memories from the past.

Read the full article Return to Kinshasa Part 1 (PDF)


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