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Misinformation harms effort to immunize children in DRC

PBS Newshour: Millions of children around the world did not get routine vaccines as a result of disruptions and disinformation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, these setbacks threaten to undo years of public health advances. Special correspondent Benedict Moran and video journalist Jorgen Samso report.

"DRC is home to huge revivalist Christian ministries. And those churches are sometimes hotspots of vaccine hesitancy. As part of a U.N. Children's Fund and Ministry of Health campaign, the leaders from many of these parishes in Kinshasa get a VIP behind-the-scenes tour and see for themselves the high-tech infrastructure required to refrigerate and store the country's stock of vaccines. They then spread the word vaccines save lives." (Transcript extract from video.)


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