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2023 Annual Fundraising Campaign!

Our annual Capital campaign has started. Your donations allow us to continue to provide funds to NGOs who are doing good work in DRC. All donations may be done through our website using the same link that you use to renew your annual membership: using your credit or debit card or PayPal account. You may donate without being a paying member. The process is quick and easy and no logon is required. If anyone is interested in volunteering to match any donations, anonymously or named, please contact us at

Along with our Capital Campaign, we are looking for new suggestions for NGO's! We are always on the look out for new NGOs in DRC who we can support. While we would prefer that they have some connection to the PC or an RPCV, we are open to considering any group. Please contact us at with the name, a contact name and any other helpful information you have.

NGO's that our group has previously supported include:

Reve Kandale: (The Réhabilitation de l'Espace Vert et des Ecoles (REVE) - "Rehabilitation of Green Spaces and Schools (DREAM)" was formed by Colette Madishi Ramm after a visit from the US to her village of Kandale, and seeing the very poor conditions, including education, at the time. In 2010, REVE Kandale was founded followed by the foundation US-based REVE Kandale Foundation in 2016, to raise funds to support our work in DR Congo. They support programs in a variety of sectors: education, environment, water, girls and women, youth and sport, and brick making.

Saidiana: meaning “help one another” in Kiswahili, is a nonprofit with a mission to empower Congolese women to build better future for themselves, their families, and their communities through micro-grants and skills training programs.

StandProud: from their website: "By providing free mobility-enhancing treatment and equipment, U.S., U.K., and Swiss charity StandProud improves the dignity and social integration of impoverished children and youth with motor disabilities in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo)."


Peace Corps Friends of DR Congo Board members: Paul, Martha, Jim, Beth, Joe, Joy, and Marilyn


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