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2022 Donation Recipients

We collected a total of $2,525 from our 2022 fund-raising campaign, including a matching donation of $1,000. Along with money from dues, we are able to give $1,500 to 3 different organizations that we have supported in the past. StandProud, REVE Kandale and Saidiana. Thank you for your generosity so we can make a small impact to these groups as an organization.

StandProud Update

With your help, we have been able to donate money to Stand Proud for several years. RPCV, Jay Nash has provided a summary of their work done in 2022, along with photos of two boys who received braces.

  • 185 beneficiaries were recipients of new braces,

  • total of 263 braces were crafted (many beneficiaries receiving 2 braces), and

  • 411 beneficiaries had their braces repaired or received new, specially-adapted shoes.

  • StandProud also financed 9 pre-bracing surgical interventions in 2022

“Before and after” photos for twins Toto Moise and Ngulwe Leon in Goma.


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