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  • Joe Fahs

Dr. Victor Kande - The Father of Sleeping Sickness

Beset by war, violence and political instability, the Democratic Republic of the Cono is not the ideal place to be trying to stamp out sleeping sickness, a killer illness. But that is what is happening

by Sarah Boseley. Photographs by David Levene. Video by Millie Harvey in Mushie, the Democratic Republic of the Congo

The Kasai river slides far across the plain. When the rains come, the sandbars in the middle – where fishermen have built temporary encampments consisting of straw huts – will disappear, making the river wider still. Local people will tell you it’s just a rivière; in this country, they reserve the word fleuve, a big river, for the mighty Congo alone.

Read the rest of the Guardian article on The Big Sleep that includes video and stunning photographs.


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